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Poli Glow is an industry leader in both Marine and RV providing the highest quality products when it comes to clear coats with UV inhibitors. Poli Glow’s unique mixture contains more UV inhibitors than any other ingredient and far more than any other product currently on the market. Additionally, both Poli Glow and Poli Prep are environmentally friendly and very easy to use.

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Poli Glow

Poli Ox is a powder cleanser that will remove heavy oxidation from light or dark colored fiberglass.
This heavy duty concentrated Liquid stripper is designed to be used when completely stripping the PoliGlow finishes.
Additional 32oz. bottles of PoliGlow Clearcoat. Often needed to supplement a PoliGlow kit on big jobs. For example: boats over 30 ft., multi-hulls, boats with large amounts of surface area, and RV's often times require additional quantities of the PoliGlow finish.
Poli Glow is a proven concept in boat polish and is 'NOT' a boat wax. It is easily applied. It wipes on without the need for rubbing or buffing. It will not wash off with soap and water. And lasts for over 12 months! See it in action in the Video Below
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