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Poli Ox Rust & Oxidation Remover

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Poli Ox is a powder cleanser that will remove heavy oxidation from light or dark colored fiberglass.




20oz. Poli Ox

Poli Ox is a powder cleanser that will remove heavy oxidation from light or dark colored fiberglass.  It also removes fish blood, rust stains, mineral deposits, scum line and brown water stains from hull.  Poli Ox can also be used to clean and polish stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, glass (will not scratch glass) and to clean and brighten teak.

Product Reviews


    Posted by Craig B. Edgewood, KY on 7th May 2013

    I have a 1997 Maxum with a dark maroon colored hull that I have used dozens of products on to correct the oxidation problem and not one of them worked. So I was very suspicious when I saw this product on Ship Shape TV because I had used sooo many other products to fix my boat. I was in the process of getting pricing on a complete repaint of the boat that exceeded $2,500.00 because I was just embarrassed by it. So I took a leap of faith and ordered Poli Glow and Poli Ox and the results were INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks brand new!!!! It has never looked this good!! I am blown away by the outcome and I just want to say Thank You.
    This product is so good I plan to order more for my 1967 Glastron (project boat) and my parents RV.

  2. Get your shine on! 

    Posted by Jason, Florida on 5th May 2013

    I used Poli Ox on my 1992 Mastercraft followed by Poli Glow with great results. The Poli Ox removed all the oxidation and the Poli Glow made it shine like new. Great products that I would recommend for a serverly oxidized and faded boat finish.

  3. Poli Ox SHINES in cleaner test! 

    Posted by Jimmy H. on 24th Sep 2012

    This is the very best cleaner that I have ever used. I have had many boats in my 40 years of fishing and used many diffrent cleaners. Poli Ox is by far the best I have ever used!

  4. Solved very heavy oxidation 

    Posted by Scott M. on 29th May 2012

    The Poli Ox brought back the original color to my 12 year old run-about. The oxidation had turned the deep red color on the stern to nearly white. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and be patient. The color has been fully restored and after finishing with the Poli Glow, the fiberglass looks like the day I bought my boat off the showroom floor!

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Brand Poli Glow
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